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The Magic Box, Friday

Jenkins had spent the better part of the week in his lab in the back of the store, performing every experiment he could think of on an old deck of tarot cards he'd found hidden under a false bottom in one of the office desk's drawers. They'd been wrapped carefully in an embroidered silk handkerchief — which he'd also tested, though near as he could tell the supposedly arcane symbology in the embroidery was merely washing instructions in an obscure ancient dialect — and then tucked into a lovely antique humidor that had no clear magical leanings whatsoever. It wasn't even pure silver, just plated pewter.

While it was, of course, impossible to prove a negative, by Friday morning Jenkins felt comfortable concluding that, despite their mysterious origins and careful hiding place, the cards were, in fact, not even remotely magic in any way at all.

Special! Half-off all card readings!
One day only!

Not that there was any reason for the customers to know that.

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