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Summer Smith ([personal profile] somethingwithturquoise) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-07-26 11:51 am
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The Perk; During Second Period [07/26].

Well, then. Since Mr. Deadpool ducked out of dumb crystals class and Summer had time to kill before not as dumb as she thought it would be Plant class, Summer was headed to the Perk for some coffee whether or not anyone else in the class took her up on her offer to get some. Because coffee was awesome and blow off classes were awesome, even if sometimes you wished your classes were a little more useful, but, then again, this meant you could spend half of your school day in a comfy chair drinking coffee confections that were probably more sugar than coffee, let's be honest.

It was a habit she could definitely get used to.

[[and open for the caffeine needs of classmates and non-classmates alike!]]