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Luke's, Monday

Eliot already felt like he'd had a long week and it was only Monday. His kitchen staff was in fine form today.

"Are you," he said slowly, "fucking kidding me."

The busboy crossed his arms over his shredded, stained shirt, still clutching the spear in one hand. At the top of the spear was what Eliot could only guess was the head of some sort of wild freezer beast, at least judging by the tusks. The busboy smiled sheepishly. "Kill the pig?"

"Change your shirt," Eliot said. "Wash your hands, and get back to work." The busboy hesitated. "Now!"

The busboy let out a squeak and dropped the spear. Eliot picked it up carefully and tossed it into the freezer. When he turned to look at the rest of the kitchen staff, the cook and the dishwasher were both intently focused on their own duties, and refusing to look at him.

"There is something seriously wrong with all of you."

Today's specials
Chicken and bacon shish kabobs
Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese
Dark chocolate bacon cupcakes

"Sucks to your asthmar," muttered the dishwasher.

Luke's was open.