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The Merchant of Miracles ([personal profile] merchant_of_miracles) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-06-29 01:42 pm

Turtle & Canary; Thursday [06/29].

A large crate had been delivered to the store that day, one that the Merchant of Miracles didn't really remember ordering. So after having the Other One sniff it out to make sure it wasn't a bomb or something, he got out a crowbar to help him pry open the top.

Instantly, he regretted it. Just like that, a horrible smell filled the store.

"Ugh! Chunder blossom! These weren't supposed to go to the store, they were supposed to be sent to the Goblin Underground!" The Merchant let out a big breath, trying to remember to breathe through his mouth. "Hoo boy, they are not gonna be happy. I'm not gonna be happy, this stink is gonna really get into pretty much everything. Nahasapeemapedilon, quick! Let's get all those smelly candles and light 'em. That might help with some of these noxious fumes!" Which he tried to wave away, but it only wound up making him cough.

"Wowza. That'll put some hair on your chest, woof..."

Today's Squishy Flavors
Limburger Cheese

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