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Furnado Animal Shelter, Tuesday

Zack was kind of staring in horror at a creature that one of the locals had brought in, secured, fortunately, in a pet carrier that latched from the outside, just out of said creature's reach.

"It's some kind of iguana, maybe," the person had said as they dropped it off. "Or maybe a cat with mange."

Zack failed to see how those two things could be even remotely similar until after the person had left and he found himself stuck with a perturbed-looking caged gremlin. Now he was having 'Well I'm not letting it go, you do it' arguments with the vet staff, who were having absolutely none of it. And Zack had never been one to pull rank, even in his SOLDIER days, so he wasn't going to point out that, technically, he was their boss.

So... the Gremlin kind of just sat there on the shelter counter, in the little kennel.

At least it seemed somewhat less outright aggressive if Zack fed it Beggin' Strips through the bars of the cage. So. He had that going for him.

"Man oh man," he muttered to himself. "Only on Fandom Island."

Or at the Gold Saucer back in his own world, but that was a totally different type of gremlin anyway.

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