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Syndulla Scrap, Friday

Most of last week's unexpected delivery had been taken care of, and now Hera was back to sorting through the rest of it.

Which at this point mostly involved trying to figure out how to google "large metal object" specifically enough to figure out what things were.

It was going a bit slowly.

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Would lunch make it go faster? Because Kanan was on his way in, and today his takeout bag was from El Burrito Loco. Once again with the requisite tray of Cokes, but now also with bonus churros.

"Knock knock," he called as he wriggled in through the gate. "Anybody hungry?"

Because if Hera wasn't, he'd be happy to eat her churro for her.
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"No reason to complain yet," Kanan replied, grinning as he picked a piece of scrap to lean back against and then went rummaging through the bag for their respective burritos. "Contemplated heading into the park again today for training, but I figure the flamingos have suffered enough these past few weeks."

Stance really, really liked the flamingos.
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"I'll put one on Stance if you put one on Chopper," Kanan replied with a snort. "See how well that works out."
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"See," Kanan laughed, "it sounds more like a threat when you say it."
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"I'm pretty sure that's because you're the only one who'll put up with him," Kanan mused.
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"Yeah?" Kanan smiled wryly. "Yeah, I suppose there's probably something to that..."

He wouldn't know.

Or at least he pretended as much.
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"Teaching him not to? But where would the fun be in that?"

Stance liked chasing the birds, Hera.
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"Oh, I've already sat him down and had a chat with him about chasing alots and gremlins," Kanan replied, waving a dismissive hand. "He knows better than to get into that kind of trouble. And he hasn't actually tried to hurt the birds yet, either."

A pause.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt if the birds knew that he was playing."
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"And then he'll learn to be gentler with the birds," Kanan pointed out, trying a little grin on for size.


"Okay, I'll talk to him."

Just sit down and have a heart-to-heart with his dog, as you do.