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The Perk; Saturday Afternoon [07/15].

After a bit of wandering around and letting some groovy scat beats move his feet, Scaramouche the Merciless finally found himself in a place where he could get himself that drinky-poo he'd been thinking about. Not exactly the type of drinky-poo he initially had in mind, but caffeine was good, too, baby. So he flashed the barista his best metallic grin and ordered himself one of those fancy sugary blended concoctions that seemed all the rage these days.

"Great thing about being a robot, babe," he informed her, completely oblivious to the glare he earned each time he sputtered the b-word. "I don't have to worry about my girlish figure. And you put that right on Aku's tab....what do you mean, you don't know Aku? Aku-ka-choo? Aku-karracha? Aku, master of darkness?"

Still nothing. Scaramouche let out a long whistle, pulling out some cash from his jacket. "Man, baby, I must really be out in the sticks, but I can dig it. At least the coffee's better. Cheers, babe."

With a wink, he took his beverage in hand and turned with a flourish, his orange scarf managing to flow in some unseen breeze, as he scatted his way to a table. "~Zee bee bop bop bah dah bah daaaaa~."

[[and open perk is open!]]