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Covent Garden Flowers, Tuesday

Nathan was squinting a little at a shipment of apology cards that had just come in. He was mostly certain that Peter had placed an order last week, after all of the odd apologies that people had been making in the wake of that weekend. But it looked as though the supplier had either mixed something up, or sent a few hundred bonus cards for them to use, as well.

He gave them a call just to be certain, and the answer he recieved was something along the lines of, "For your company's good business. Where else are we going to be able to sell some of those?"

Nathan had to admit that the customer service rep had a good point, and hung up the phone to resume looking, baffled, at the cards. They had room to store them, sure, but he was having difficulty coming up with a situation where they'd actually get to use very many "I'm sorry you spent a few days as a racecar" or "I'm sorry for the loss of your tentacles" cards.

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"Flowers, really?"

Yes, Nathan. You now had a person in unseasonably tough leathers in your store, giving her surroundings a judgey look. Or at least a mildly incredulous one. It was kind of Octavia's default setting these days.

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"Are they useful flowers?" Octavia asked, both her eyebrows raised, like a challenge.

Anne had tried to explain houseplants to her, but... Yeah, she wasn't that far along in settling in to present day culture to have really understood the point of that.
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Octavia seemed to simmer down some with her judgment by the time he got to the medicinal ones. Somewhat, at least.

Still frowning, though, as she stepped out of the doorway and actually into the store. "Mostly?" she asked. "People will pay to look at flowers? Why don't they just go outside?"

Nature here wasn't even post-apocalyptic!
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Kindness was one of those concepts Octavia was going to have re-learn. It had first died with her mother, then gotten left behind with Lincoln.

There wasn't a whole lot of kindness to go around where she was from.

Octavia gave that all a (surly) moment's thought. "I guess it makes sense," she hazarded. "Wanting them around, I mean. Not the asking for money for something that grows in nature, even if it is brought from somewhere further away."
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This was the first time anyone had actually explained the process to her. So, Octavia listened attentively, even if her disapproval for the whole concept was pretty obvious all throughout.

The roses were pretty, but not enough to distract her from her initial kneejerk reaction. "But when you say it 'costs money' to have the building or to bring them over – was it just decided at some point in history that it should cost money? Because that's the only way I see money entering into the equation. A building doesn't need bits of paper to stand."
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Octavia shook her head.

"Where I'm from, we did what was necessary," she said. "We made what was necessary." It would've been an oversimplification to say she thought people in this time must have had to easy if they had such elaborate structures of money-based power... But that was still kind of the gist of it. "But I'm not surprised power plays into it."

She knew humans, after all. Sky People, Trikru, and all.
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Selling guns, Octavia could fathom. But maybe that was just because it was what Bellamy did for a living, here.

"I sell music," she offered. It seemed the thing to share – and it encompassed her implicit agreement on how it seemed to be impossible to escape money around here.
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Well, at least you couldn't pluck music right off the ground.

But still: "Weird," she admitted. "There wasn't much music, where I came from. And there's so much of it here, and from so long a time."

Relative to the span of human history, it wasn't that long a time, but, well. She came from somewhere post-apocalyptic.
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"So, that's a century and a half before this time?" Octavia asked, hazarding a guess. Honestly, could've been either way, when you considered where she came from.

Also, hey: look at her having adjusted to Fandom enough to actually ask that.
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If you squinted, it almost looked like Octavia smiled for a second. But very wryly.

And very faintly.

"I'm from a hundred years into the opposite direction," she said. "I was born on a space station, so people on the moon don't faze me."
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Octavia shrugged a little, turning to examine a plant near her. She didn't know what it was, and she wasn't sure it mattered.

"For what it's worth, space wasn't a permanent solution. We came back to the ground about a year ago."
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"The station was failing, so it was time to see whether the ground was habitable again, a century after a nuclear apocalypse."

So, you know. Fun stuff. And she said that with a kind of detached idleness, because the more days passed here, the more surreal it felt how her life had changed so abruptly frm that to this.

And in keeping with that, she gestured at the plant she'd been looking at. "What is this? is it useful?"
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Yeah, nuclear apocalypse was a topic like that.

But Octavia was eyeing the plant with renewed interest. Or, to be more specific, genuine interest. She'd mostly been looking at it as a way of masking what she was thinking, before.

"I guess it's nice to look at," she said with a mild shrug. "But it sounds like people keep it around to be pretty and don't even take advantage of what else it has to offer."

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