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Syndulla Scrap, Friday

The junkyard was full of gourds today.

Whether some of the junk had become gourds, or the gourds had been added to the junk...Hera was still trying to figure out. Also, the entire place smelled of spice. Which, granted, wasn't as bad as the fish smell that had taken over until a week or so ago, but still - Hera rather liked the smell of ship oil and metal.

"Stop poking them, Chopper. It'll just make a bigger mess."

Chopper made a rude noise.

The junkyard was open!
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"Miss Hera?" Summer called as she drifted into scrapyard, but she very quickly distracted. "Whoa. That's a lot of gourds. This place is getting way too into the autumn spirit."

As a Summer, it was almost like a personal assault.
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Of course Summer didn't mind a hug, especially since a hug was a good indication that her robot self hadn't made a fool of her in front of Miss Hera or something else. She'd had plenty of hugs since she got back, and she definitely wasn't sick of them yet.

"It's good to see you, too," she said as she hugged back. And, as she pulled away, she added, "So, uh, did Kanan, uh, tell you anything about what's been going on with me lately?"

No point in rehashing things that might have already been said, but, then again, she would certainly hope they had better things to do with their mouths talk about than her when they were together.

[[super-apologies! sickness has overtaken me XD]]
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Which very well confirmed that robot Summer's deduction to avoid Hera because of Chopper was very accurate.

And real Summer couldn't help grinning a little at Chopper's assessment (and hearing that BDG was glad she was back, although, really, it wasn't like she ever doubted it, but who didn't like hearing it?) "That makes two of us, Chopper," she said, sighing a little, then shook her head. "Did he mention about the Galactic Federation, too? Maybe he'd know I'd want to tell you myself, but guess what! It's gone! Completely dismantled! That's not why I've been gone, why there was a robot here instead of me for the past few weeks, but that kind of started it off, so it's been a whole month. But, you know, it was pretty ingenious how my grampa did it. Apparently, if you ever get the chance to transport one space station into an enemy base, you can do a lot of damage."

It totally seemed like something she could totally maybe use against the Empire some day, right??

"Oh, he also changed their currency from being worth one of itself to being worth zero of itself, which probably did more than the whole teleporting space stations thing, so that's an idea, too."
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"Ooh, thanks!" Summer took the Coke eagerly, but she opened it tentatively, taking a little sniff before sipping it, mostly expecting pumpkin spice with how the day was going, but thankfully it seemed to be just regular Coke. Thank god.

She collapsed into the chair, sinking into it comfortably, and giving a faint sigh. "And I," she said dramatically, "have been off in another dimension, a nuclear wasteland. It's been...quite the experience. A lot of close calls and dangerous encounters...you know, kind of like...I'm sure you and Kanan are always getting into..."

See, she didn't mind talking about it if she thought it could get her something. The something in this case being throwing herself into more dangerous situations, possibly involving spaceships, definitely involving taking down evil space bad guys...
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"Yes, please!" said Summer eagerly. Perhaps too eager. Maybe she shouldn't seem so eager, but she was eager.

No, scratch that. Not eager. Thirsty.

"I mean, if you'll have me. Kanan already promised to take me on a field trip to see if I'd still want to after experiencing it, but that's just a formality. I know I want to. I want to help. And I know I'll be good at it, too."

Besides, what else was she going to do? Even this place felt a little boring to her now, which no one probably had said ever. Well, maybe by a few other freaks...
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"Oooh!" said Summer, perking up with even more hopefulness for this new prospect building up in front of her. "I love new clothes!"
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"Fashion is what you make it," Summer said staunchly. "If that means a super baggy jumpsuit in the pukiest color of beige you can find, well, then...actually, that would kind of suck, but I'd definitely cutify it up as much as possible in the realm of what's still incognito. It'll be a challenge!"
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"If I get to choose," Summer said thoughtfully, "it'll have to be green. Orange and this hair color? Yikes."