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The Park; Saturday Afternoon [09/23].

There was a shark man in the pond today, one in which the ducks and the fish were (perhaps wisely) giving a wide berth. But Sidon didn't seem to mind or notice, we was just happy to float around a bit, do a few quick sprints from one side of the pond to the other, trying to beat his personal best records, and just enjoying the fresh water. He wished it were a little bigger, as he missed the freedom and depth that that ocean gave him, but fresh water was just so much nicer!

And being contained in the lovely park on a nice day, perhaps the chances of someone joining him and abating his loneliness a bit might be nice. It was really starting to become clear to him, especially since he spent very little time in the door with being uncomfortable stuck inside walls, how much he missed having other Zora around. The humans and various other species had been great and interesting so far, but his heart was aching a little for Hyrule. Chasing ducks when they landed or trying to match the flow of the fish as they swum about helped a bit, though.

[[ i don't know what kind of day I'll have ahead of me at work, but the shark man was feeling a little neglected. Open park is most certainly open!]]
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It was a nice day outside today, so Khadgar was taking a walk through town when he cut through the park and noticed more than just the ducks in the pond. He smiled when he saw Sidon, and watched him for a moment before approaching, hoping he wasn't disturbing any kind of peace. "Is it nicer in there than the pool?" he asked.
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"You might want to inform someone, but I think whatever's been done might be something for indoor water," Khadgar said, sitting down at the edge of the pond. "How are you with cold water, out of curiosity?"
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"Yes, I can imagine that would be very uncomfortable," Khadgar said, looking a little nervous. "I'm glad I asked, because now I'm wondering, has anyone told you about the weather here changing? Not in a strange Fandom-like way, that's a whole separate thing, but a seasonal change."
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"The weather has been pleasant so far because it's the end of summer," Khadgar explained, dipping one of his hands into the water to see how it felt. "But in the coming months, it will get considerably colder, and eventually, it might get cold enough that places like this will freeze, and the water around the island will be chilly." He frowned for a moment, sighing. "I thought it might be good for you to have time to prepare."
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It was refreshing to be around someone who always tried to find a positive aspect of not-so-great news, and Khadgar had to smile. “The weather here changes about every three months,” he said. “We’re in what’s called autumn now, and then the cold winter will be around December. Things will warm up again around February or March, but it was quite cold last year. Maybe you can get the school to not do anything to the water in the pool? Then you’d be able to be indoors when the weather is terrible.”