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Jono Starsmore ([personal profile] furnaceface) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-06-24 06:44 am

Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Jono was actually in a fairly mellow mood today. He was pretty sure he had Joni to thank for that. She'd slipped out the door after him on his way in to the shop, and rather than open the door again and send her back into the house, he'd scooped her up and brought her along with.

The entire upstairs to his old apartment was mostly just occupied by cat supplies now and a few straggling items he hadn't dragged over to Hannibal's house (or furniture so battered that Hannibal would have none of it), so it wasn't as though he wasn't prepared for a day of cat, anyway.

It helped that Joni didn't mind his taste in music, even when he had Pearl Jam turned up entirely too loud. He was going to have to get his hands on a copy of the German version of Backspacer somehow, and absolutely intended to look into that.

Just as soon as Joni woke up from the nap she was having in his lap.

It was truly a tough life.

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