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Dite's Decadent Delights, Tuesday

Looking to see fireworks every day of the year?

Kathy was pleased with her current Fourth of July-themed displays. Most of the items she'd pulled were either red, white, or blue and now she was having fun crafting little fireworks out of strips of metallic paper and glue. Because who says that your local sex shop couldn't also be a haven for arts and crafts. And since the Hobby Lobby on the island sold birth control, she didn't have to feel bad for supporting it!

Also, it left her brain free to think more about the upcoming Mexico trip, so all in all, it was a good shift.

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Octavia's wary exploration of the town had finally led to actually entering a store.

This one.

Why it was this one, Octavia probably couldn't have explained. Maybe it was the name, even less easy for her to decipher into what they were selling than most places around the island. But whatever the reason, congrats Kathy – you now had a leather-clad (former) Grounder in your store.

Looking around with a mild frown. "What is this place?"
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Octavia looked slightly surprised at that. And ignored Kathy's question in favor of one of her own.

"There's a shop for sex?"

Okay, that made more sense than the one with the comics and the figurines. And she didn't even assume actual sex was one of the wares!
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Octavia didn't smile. But she did look intrigued, and she only looked mildly wary at the same time so hey, progress! At least when it came to most of her interactions with the island so far.

She was quiet for a beat, processing. Apparently.

Then she asked, "What kinds of items?"
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Octavia examined the items with a curious frown on her face, guessing at what they were for. Not that it was too hard. She was more than aware of sex even if toys hadn't factored into it where she was from.

"And people around here have enough..." Okay, she wasn't sure what the right word here was. Safety? "Time, to think about inventing these kinds of things?"

Waving a vibrator went with that question well.
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Octavia shook her head. "I don't understand this place."

'This place' meaning the island, not the store, yeah. She found herself saying that often. Or thinking it, anyway.
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"Both," Octavia allowed, setting the items down on the counter with one last cursory glance at them. "But more the island. It's... very different."

She said that kind of dryly, even though most changes were for the better.
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"Octavia," she replied, her handshake unpracticed but firm. And brief. And she was vaguely glad to have reason to skip saying anything but her first name. It was a complicated topic. "I came from Earth. A different one."


Her tone, again, was dry. "Ours is a lot more post-nuclear."
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Octavia didn't know what zombies were. But that could wait, at least a moment.

"No, I don't think a century qualifies as 'immediately'."
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"Not really," Octavia replied, a little flatly. That made it much easier to say. "But my brother is here."

That helped some.
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That was a whole lot of words there, Kathy.

Octavia listened quietly, but she didn't relate. Not really. Although it was probably because she'd been on the island for such a short time.

Or maybe she just didn't want to. She wasn't really in the business of showing too many of her emotions these days, anyway.

But she was committing that to memory. "I guess so," she said. "I'm still learning about it."
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"Yes," Octavia confirmed with a small, still unnecessary nod. "His name's Bellamy. But I think he's been keeping to himself."

The Blakes were solitary like that, sometimes.
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"Over a year."

And what a fun year it had been for everyone in his absence!

"Seems like longer," she added, dryly.
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"You have a sibling?"

Octavia was a little reluctant in asking that, but she also couldn't help herself. She had very personal reasons to care.
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Octavia wished she could've felt surprised, but she'd learned to expect the worst in most situations by now. "I'm sorry for your loss."

It was a little on the flat side, but not without sympathy.