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Jono Starsmore ([personal profile] furnaceface) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-07-29 08:12 am

Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Groovy Tunes still had oranges.

So many oranges.

And for the life of Jonothon, he couldn't track down what had happened to his actual shipment. The one that had been swapped out for... oranges. Which he would probably appreciate more if he could actually eat the bloody things, but noooo, the shipment of oranges had to wind up erroneously sent to the business owned by a man with no mouth.

Jono gave the oranges a mildly irritated look, and then, grumbling, went upstairs to get a large bowl from his old kitchen supplies so that he could put some outside for passers-by to enjoy.

The rest? He had no idea. They wouldn't keep forever. Maybe donate whatever Hannibal couldn't use to a shelter in Balitmore or something? They'd probably appreciate some fresh fruit...

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